if we’re licensed for backing up MS team

  • 1 December 2022
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Hi Community


what’s license requirement to configure/backing up MS team and how to find out if we’re licensed for backing up MS team





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3 replies

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Hi @DanC , hope all is well!

The full, anything-you-need document is here:

You’ll want to check the License Summary report to see what SKU you have, which will advise what you have access to (all detailed in the above link).

When in doubt, contact your Account Rep who will be best suited to let you know what you have covered, though this section (and the doc itself) should help!

User Counting Commvault Backup & Recovery for Mail and Cloud User Applications Licenses will be counted based on a mapping of user accounts in the associated LDAP directory, or directory of the application that dictates access to the application.  In the case of direct mailbox ingestion, only the accounts that have been selected (through manual configuration or auto-discovery) for backup/archive will be counted.  User Accounts that have been excluded through configuration will also be excluded from any license consumption in this scenario. Each unique User / Application combination will be counted as a discrete user.  For example, may have their Office 365 Data Protected, as well as their data protected.  In this scenario, two user entitlements would be counted, as there are two unique user / application combinations. Accounts that are marked as resources within LDAP (or related system) will not count towards the licensing total. Inactive accounts will also not be counted against the license total (please see the noted exception below for exclusively inactive account usage).  If the platform does not support the indication of resource or inactive accounts, then all ingested mailboxes will be counted towards the total. When journaling is employed, all SMTP addresses will also be counted regardless of their status. Please see the Search and Journaling section below for further details. Under consideration that mailbox data capture does not function on a traditional full/incremental methodology, all user accounts will be measured against licensing until a mail account is marked as “inactive” within the agent configuration. After that configuration occurs, that account’s mail will no longer be captured

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@Mike Struening  thanks

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