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  • 6 December 2022
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My question is about index backup retention. As far as I know, index backup jobs are kept on the backup media until there are at least three versions present on the backup media; and that

Commvault backup the index in same storage policy as the backed up data (Default).

My question: Is the retention from the storage policy applied to the index backup, or it is managed differently: Which means that, whatever is configured as the retention on the Storage policy, it keeps only the three last copies of the index backup?

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2 replies

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Keep in mind index backup is based on the backupset of the client, so if the backups are not happening at a client level regularly neither will the index backup for that backupset

Also an index backup job can contain indices for multiple clients so that all adds up to what can be aged and what can’t the system manages all that its not something you really need to intervene on.

Here’s more on how it all works/criteria is considers for keeping indices on hand

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Index backups completely ignore storage policy retention, so no matter what you pick the software will override those settings to ensure that everything is fully protected and complaint to support browse, recovery and DR situations.