index cache directory issue

  • 15 May 2022
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hello everyone , 

i need some help her i lose disk hold index directory for media agent ,so i create a new one with enable access path ,when i run any job ,its completed with error size 0 kb , as i see on log file , he access old index cache dir .




Best answer by Ayman Seyam 16 May 2022, 11:16

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7 replies

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Good morning.  In the properties of the MediaAgent, under the Catalog tab...Have you set the new directory here yet?

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hi @Orazan , yes i already create a new one 

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hi @Mohamed Ramadan  

Did you change it following this Procedure :

  • From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources > MediaAgents.

  • Right-click MediaAgent_name > Properties > Catalog.

  • Click the Browse button, browse to and click an existing folder, and then click the OK button

The system will copy the contents of the original index cache directory to the newly specified index cache directory, and then direct the system to write all subsequent index entries to the new directory. To see the status of the job, look for a Catalog Migration job in the Job Controller tab of the Commcell Console.


or You can change the location of index caches on multiple MediaAgents by running the Change Index Cache Configuration workflow.

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hi @Ayman Seyam 

i already follow your steps before , but The system cant copy the contents of the original index cache directory because i lose the desk holding index directory 

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Hi Mohamed,

would need to see the logs - please open a ticket with support and they can assist.

it should restore the index from backup if it can’t find it on disk.

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Hi @Mohamed Ramadan ,

What is happening if you try Browse & Restore?

Do you backup to tapes?

Do you see Index Restore job?

Do you see folders/files under Browse?

Best Regards,


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hello @Sebastien Merluzzi  , in Browse & Restore i can find every folders backed up before , no i don't use tapes for backup