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  • 27 February 2024
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What is best practise to add onedrive,teams apps to commvault through vpn express tunnel? Do i need to create private endpoint first and how to configure the routing through the endpoint? Now commvault trying to connect through the public address. 


I can add package through custom configuraton but failed on authorize app, If i use expres configuration with global user its saying that username/passwoord not correct 

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Hello @Egor Skepko 

Thanks for the great questions.
To use the express configuration the following communication and ports needs to be open:

I also want to confirm that the global user has MFA disabled on it? 
If you are at the point of getting Username/Password error that would tell me you are not hitting a comms issue. Please go over the above and confirm you have all the required access. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams