Integrate the Microsoft Authenticator Domain account with COmmCell

  • 3 September 2021
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Hi All


As per below documentation, Commvault suggest to integrate the Microsoft Authenticator app with CommCell as third party unknow application for general users.

Can anyone you help me to integrate the CommCell with Microsoft Authenticator as domain Account not an individual user.

Means, I want to add my domain Domain account for generate the PIN not an other account. (Refer the attachment)

Note: In Microsoft Authenticator, I can able  login using my own Domain account , but I couldn’t find any way to integrate with CommCell. 


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2 replies

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@Manikandn , thanks for the post!

Can you clarify your issue?  What account are you able to set up with the Authenticator?  When you say individual user, are you referring to a local CV username?


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The process is the same for local versus domain accounts. 

Within the link that you posted it references this page:

As long as you have configured the corresponding user for two factor authentication and obtained the secret key you may proceed with your domain accounts all the same as a local commcell account.