IntelliSnap - Aux Copy partially completed or with errors

  • 4 June 2023
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I have a storage policy which has different types of sub-clients associated with it as shown below. Majority of vCenter SubClients have single datastore as its content and some have VMs as its content. All the datastore are on NetApp storage volumes and we have IntelliSnap integration.

Storage Policy has following copies:

Backup Copy is disabled so no jobs are going to Primary (Classic) copy and neither any jobs are queued for backup.

Some of the associated subclients are perfect for aux copy to B4 in terms of availablility of snapshots, jobs, snapmirror relationships but few of the subclients have issues like primary snapshots beyond retention, some snapshots deleted from storage or issue with snapmirror.


Now the AUX Copy is not completing, it completes with errors. No issues reported in AuxCopyMgr.log.

Should the subclients which are perfect for Aux copy complete or it needs all the subclients in the storage policy to be ready for Aux Copy to complete? For me, it should at least run snapvault relationship for some of the subclients if not all.

Is there any way to run aux copy for a particular subclient?


1 reply

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Hello @Jaspreet 

Was the Aux copy here completing successfully in the past and now completing with errors?

Usually if the job is completing with errors there should be some failure logged in the Events of the job. If you right click on the most recent Aux copy that completed w/ Errors → View Events → Do you see any errors listed here?