IP address change for a linux cluster

  • 10 February 2024
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An IP address has changed to a linux cluster we are backing up. Do I have to login to one of the cluster nodes to change it? or can i change it through commcell.

I am familiar with a change of IP address for a windows cluster not linux


Thanks for any replies

1 reply

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@Commvault387 : As per my understanding, You have Virtual IP on the Linux cluster and that has been changed from the Infra/environment level. Considering this is Non-Veritas Cluster configuration, with active node, passive node & a cluster Virtual IP.

You would like to ensure Commvault backups should use that respective New cluster IP to be used on the console. If so, you can change the new IP of the cluster in the console level From Cluster Client → Properties → Update the hostname to respective new cluster IP. Ensure new cluster IP is connected via commvault ports from the commserve and From Cluster Client → Properties → Advanced → Cluster Group Configuration tab, click the Force Sync configuration on remote nodes check box and click OK.

Please let me know any further queries or further details on this if above is not useful