is the linux file system 11SP20 compatible with commserve version 11sp9

  • 25 February 2021
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job manager received invalid message [318767411].remote host 


Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 3 March 2021, 16:12

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4 replies

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Hi @Sofiane - In general, clients should not be at a higher version than the CommServe. Sometimes it may work, but that is an untested configuration.


In either case, I did a quick search across our support cases and confirmed this error occurs when the client is at a higher level than the CommServe feature release level.

You should certainly update the CommServe to FR20, and the good news is that you can stay on that version for a long time if you need to since it's a long-term release. SP9 is out of support probably for around 2 years now - upgrading will give you access to a bunch of major feature upgrades and improvements.


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thanks a lot for your quick answer 

some error appear when i try to backup this linux client 

the job start ans stack in 25% its like it cannot start the scan phase

i have done a decoupled installation (package was installed localy on the linux machine)

i suspect the port number ? the host name or some stuff maybe i forget something during the install


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@Sofiane , it could be a port issue for sure.  Can you check the logs on the client side for the clbackup process?  There should be a much more detailed error you can share with us.

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@Sofiane so curious to hear the reason why you are still running on SP9/FR9!!! It is 3+ years old! Your are missing tons of enhancements, innovations, improvements, security fixes!! Last but not least, you are running on an unsupported version.