Kubernetes "vm" not found

  • 12 January 2022
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We have a job for our Kubernetes environment where there are three "vms" that are failing. The description in the General Tab has the details- "vm-ae25e5a6-a988-49d7-b485-f8d4cd9de3c3_653332_GX_BACKUP] was not found." Another error in the Events Tab indicates that this vm, "vm-bf48b8ed-1bdc-4a73-8954-4bc291167237_653332_GX_BACKUP] was not found." The Virtual Machine Status tab gives a Failure reason, "Virtual Machine not Found." for both of these vms. These vms have been added to the Content Tab within the Properties of the Sub Client (default). I can also see them when I browse for them. vCenter is creating Snapshots for both of these vms, however it appears that the Snapshots are deleted before they are backed up. Curious as to why this is happening and why they cannot be found.


Event Description-

Virtual machine [vm-b5a2ab24-676a-4050-867f-6110d65777b6_744463_GX_BACKUP] was not found. Please verify that the virtual machine still exists and that the host is in the connected state. If the virtual machine does not exist remove it from the subclient. If the virtual machine does exist reselect the virtual machine and re-add it to the subclient content.


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5 replies

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Hey @WalterBishop , thanks for the post!  I assume the name is a Fringe reference?  If so, amazing show!

I spoke to some of my internal team here and they suggested getting this up to development.

Normally, that’s near the last thing I suggest, though we are confident we need dev interaction on this one.

Can you create a case and share the number here?

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Yes Fringe- loved that show.   Thank you Mike!


Former case that should not have been closed: 210916-384.

New Case: 220117-536



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Thanks for the update!  I see you are working with a great engineer, too.  He’ll take care of you for sure.

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Chi has been great!  

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Closing the thread with your notes from the incident:

The team heard from VMWare on Friday.  They were given instructions  to see if the BOSCH application will rebuild the VM if they turn them off.