License move between two commserves

  • 15 March 2022
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Hello team,


I have two questions about license.


A customer is going to introduce CV license 100TB and 100TB for two Commserves.

But there is a good chance that a Commserve overuses the license more than 100TB and another Commserve only uses the license less than 50TB.

For this situation, customer wants to be able to adjust the CV license in a flexible way between two Commserves.

(In a nutshell, customer wants to divide the license quantity within 200TB by usage by themselves)

So is there any flexible way to move TB license between two Commserves according to the license usage by themselves?

Or should we do request the reissue to license team when it required?


For VM10 pack license

"Protected Virtual Machines" and "Virtual Operating Instance" are all supported?

Customer needs to back up the virtual machine using both agentless and agent manner.




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Hi @Hongmo Kim !

The customer's Account Rep can split the allocation up and provide 2 new licenses.

You can also explore setting up a Licensing server:

In a multi-CommCell environment, multiple CommServe computers each manage a set of client computers. In a traditional scenario, your software provider configures a license for each CommServe computer, based on the amount of data (terabytes) that you plan to back up. If a CommCell environment does not use all of the backup data allowed by the license, then you cannot assign the unused license resources to those CommCell environments that need it, which can be inconvenient.

If you want to manage license usage across a multi-CommCell environment, you can configure one of the CommServe computers as a licensing server. In this configuration, you can apply the licensing control mechanisms to the licensing server so that each participating CommServe computer contains the necessary license resources to protect all associated data.

You can manage all license types using the License Server.