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I’ve configured a Lustre File System backup using 5 data nodes.
When creating the subclient, I can specify the reader numbers I can use.

Once the sublclient is created, I notice that the option to change this is disabled and it selects the optimised reader option.


We have a POC environment that has the option to change the reader count.
Is there a way I can configure this setting so I can make changes as I need to?


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Hi Mauro 

Based on BOL

it mentions the change can be made on the performance tab of the subclient 

In the Performance tab, specify the number of data streams:

  1. In the Number of Data Readers box, enter the number of data streams.

    Tip: For optimal sharing of the backup load, the number of data readers must be equal or greater than the number of data access nodes.

    Are you able to change from there or is the option greyed out?

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Hi @Ryan Carr 
Thanks for that. That’s where we would do it, but it was greyed out.
Actually realised that when the Plan gets created, a subclient policy i created, and the setting is available to edit in there and I was able to make it happen.

Thanks again.