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  • 25 October 2021
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Hi, I have a few questions about a customer that has a subscription based license:


  1. To my understanding, we have to enable "Service Provider Billing" in Cloud Metrics Reporting. Is there a detailed overview available about exactly what information is collected? For instance, which field names like client name, subclient name, job error message, etc. are included?
  2. They need detailed information (Health, Activity and Audit) in their own Metrics server (hosted on the CommServe). But they want to forward only Service Provider Billing information to us (the Reseller). How can we accomplish this? I believe if we use the "Forwarding" option, everything gets forwarded, right?


Thanks in advance for any response!


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3 replies

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You always ask the good ones!

I’ll look into the first question, and I believe you are right on the second, though I want to confirm with some folks internally.  I’ll circle back here!

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We don’t have any specific documentation about the information that is collected by the Metrics server. I have a defect to create documentation about this, but the information is not yet available. We do have these pieces of information:

And, yes, if you forward information to the Cloud Metrics server ( or another private Metrics server/CommCell environment), ALL information is forwarded based on the check boxes you selected (Activity, Health Check, and so on).

We do have this PDF that explains billing reports from an MSP perspective that might be helpful:

Hope this helps!


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Hi Amanda, thanks for your response.

I’ll try to “convince” the customer with the information found in the links.

However, should you have any more information (in the future) I’d very much like to have it as well.