Migration of existing media agents to existing -- different-- commserve

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Fun times ahead- I am over having multiple commcells per enviroment. It served its purpose but now with consolidations complete- I am ready to bring everything into a single commcell. So - I have read and used migrating media agent to new hardware documentation many times. Same with commcells-- but now… I am wanting to move the media agent- with all the jobs and clients-- to a new commcell. Would a seperation be the best approach? Is this possible? I am sure the instance has something to do with it -but looking for good examples. Anyone else done this? Thoughts on what you would do different? 

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Best answer by Matt Medvedeff 31 May 2023, 18:47

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Hello @Matthew M. Magbee 

To consolidate multiple Commcells and retain the clients/history you would need to perform a Commcell Migration -

This is often a pretty complex process and it’s often recommended to engage Professional Services to assist with the operation. Review the documentation which goes over the process, reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to engage PS on this.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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This is what i was thinking - its diffcult but managable. I appreciate solidifying my decision.