"Missed SLA" reports showing very old clients and VM's that have been removed or deconfigured years ago.

  • 12 June 2023
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I have several of the CommVault reports (notably the “APSS - Missed SLA Report”) keep referring to clients and virtual servers (backed up with the Virtual Server Agent) that are either deconfigured (if a client) or removed from the VM group (if a VM).

Is there something I need to be doing when removing a VM from virtual server backups, or deconfiguring a client so these do not show up on reports?  I’m not sure why 100% of all deconfigured/removed VM’s are not showing up on these reports, only “some of them”


Note: some of these were “last backed up” in 2015, 2019, 2020, etc. they all indicate “No Schedule” or “No Job within SLA Period” as the “reason” which is 100% true as they have been removed/deconfigured a long time ago.



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Hi @tigger2,

I would definitely no longer use the APSS reports as they are deprecated. Is there another built-in report where this happens?

There is no real equivalent to ‘de-configure’ a VM (at least with Indexing V1, which these ones probably are given the age you mentioned). There is an option to automatically remove VM clients that are not backed up for 30 days which should remove them from the report. I think they are in the control panel options but I can’t look them up right now as we have a temporary glitch with docs at the moment. Otherwise in the CommCell Console you can right click on clients and choose to show VMs, and manually delete those VMs from there.

With indexing V2 VMs are treated as regular clients like file servers etc. so deconfiguring them makes them behave in an expected way. In V1 they are not true client entities which makes them a bit strange to manage and handle (hence the change).

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Thanks for the info!

There are other “reports” showing these old clients/vms. Specifically, the “SLA” dashboard “report”/view in the cloud console is showing them.  I guess technically it's not a report as its not located in the ‘reports” section of the console.

I have some follow up questions:

  1. Is there a way to know/see/tell what reports are deprecated (the cloud dashboard appears to show this, the web and java console do not?)?  I would like to remove them from our system if they are.
  2. Just to clarify: If I chose to remove VM clients (with no backups for 30 days, or manually) will I be able to access the backup history for those VM’s (without restoring from a DR backup)? I’m assuming “no” but I’m not too sure how V1 VM “clients” are handled internally. We’ve been trying to not delete any clients unless they are *very* old in case we have to pull files from an old server and restoring a commserve from a DR backups a hassle and knowing “when we were backing up that client/VM” is nice to see from the backups history without guessing what DR backups to pull.
  3. I also bet there’s no conversion/workflow to update a V1 VM “client” into a V2 client?