modify content to backup on aws subclient

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my aws backup jpb is configured like this

I am using intellisnap

and I have selected the instances from By Region 






Backup runs fine and also backup copy.


now I want to change the content of the subclient, I do not want to use the default By Region  selection but By tag


Can I remove all content, then select By tag and click on ok ? or is there some procedure to follow ?

I know that one time I have tried to remove an instance from a subclient and after that I had a lot of error for the backup copy due to intellisnap I think.


Thank you !!


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Hey @Bloopa !  to confirm, you are not looking at creating another subclient, but modifying the content in an existing one?  and you want to know how this change will affect backups, history, etc?

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Hello @Bloopa ,

As a best practice, can you ensure that all snaps have been copied over successfully?  Once there are no snaps that need to be copied over, you can certainly make the necessary changes to the subclient content.  Once updated, please ensure that you run a full snap directly after.


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Hello @Mike Struening yes, I want to modify the existing one. 

Hi @DanL I think that when I modified  the aws subclient last time, I have not verified that the snaps are copied and I think this is why I had some errors.

I will check that and I’ll kep you informed. 


Thanks !

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Thank you @DanL 

it is ok now !!