MS SQL Granular restore

  • 26 January 2021
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Hi , 

i try to perform a granular restore from a MS SQL  i‘ve  systematicallyt his error : “Granular restore is supported for blocklevel and snap backup. database selected doesn’t qualify for SQL granular restore


i enable block-level backup ( Optimized for File system with large number of small files (Block-LevelBackup  check box) in subclient.

i try with VSS and not. 

i checked prerequisites and all is done.

i missed soemthing ?

thanks for help



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4 replies

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Hi @virgil - it sounds to me like you enabled block-level backups on the file system agent rather than the SQL agent (although happy to be wrong). Can you verify the following has been set:

  1. From the CommCell Console, click Client Computers > client > SQL Server > instance.
  2. Right-click a subclient > properties
  3. On the Advanced Options tab, select the Optimize for table level restore check box


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hi Andre,

optimize for table retore is cheked ( sorry i copy/paste line from doc agent file )


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Ok is done.

i reinstall SQL Agent and restart the server.

I see the table in the mount point but how to restore it in the original instance ?

i see just the proxy node in the field and is grayed out.


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Hi Virgil:


Have you reviewed and followed the doc sections for it:


you will see:

“After you create a recovery point, you can restore the SQL tables to the same instance where the recovery point was created.”


Let me know if you have done this.