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  • 21 September 2021
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I switched to a new licensing model ,

I plan to back up the new system with a lot of mysql databases and add plenty of backup clients.

Do I have to buy special licenses for mysql databases?

Is there a sufficient number of clients included in my model...

Now I have this:





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Hi @elizabeta 

Your license entitlement covers you for:

20 VMs (2x10)

66 Physical servers

There are no longer specific license requirements for specific Commvault agents, so as long as the number of VMs or physical servers remain within these limits, you have enough license entitlement to protect your servers.

Please note, that VM license considers protection of that VM using the VSA agent and AppAware features only.

If you protect a VM with the VSA agent and then manually deploy an agent on that VM to protect the application or FileSystem inside the VM, this will be considered as an additional operating instance and will consume one of the physical server licenses.

For example, if you have a VM with MySQL database and protect this with only the VSA agent, this will consume one VM license.

If you then manually install a MySQL agent inside that VM and protect MySQL databases with the MySQL agent as well, this will additionally consume a physical server license for the MySQL agent.

If you have a physical server running MySQL databases, you can install MySQL agent and FileSystem agent with only one physical server license consumed as the physical server is considered as a single operating instance regardless of the agents installed.



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@Stuart Painter thank you very much for your explanation!

Best regards,