Next step - Test commserve failover (LAB) stuck

  • 12 March 2021
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last post link bellow


after validated that my Prod and standby  commserve are functionnal.


I have tried to execute the test failover from the process manager of prod commserve cs01

All seems to be good but after 30 minutes it stuck at :

Sending the request to make node [cs02-SQL] active...
Checking PreRequisites for test failover operation...    Done
Confirming no CommServe SQL LiveSync jobs are running...    Done
Disable restore schedule for node [cs02-SQL]...    Done
Perform last sync up before failover...    Done
Restoring database(s) with recovery option...    Done
Executing recovery tool in maintenance mode for test failover...    Done
Comparing the database and binaries version...    Done
Disabling read only CommServe mode if enabled...    Done
Enabling Test CommServe mode...    Done
Doing name change if required...    Done
Revoke CommServe certificate...    Done
Delete firewall configuration file...    Done
Update firewall settings...    Done
Enabling and starting all the services...    Done
Update test node information in the config file...    Done
Enable auto start of services...

Services were started on the cs02 Commserve.

is there anything to do ?

I had to restart the 2 commserves because no way to cancel thaht after 30 mn.

and now here is what I have it is in Test failback mode :(

Thanks !


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7 replies

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Have you set the "CommCell name" the same for all instances and are using the local hostname for each instance.

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I hope:)

production commserve cs01


standby commserve cs02


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I don't see anything bad there. Interesting. I wonder if the database connection passwords in the registry (pAccess if I recall correctly is the regkey) are different between each instance? 

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Thanks @Anthony.Hodges ,

When Using the test failover, as I understood, the commserve prod is already in production. A  last database sync is executed, services are also started on the commserve standby and after that ?

When making a real failover, the difference is that services on prod commserve are stopped, services on standby commserve are started and standby commserve become prod commserve. We can continue to backup, create new policies etc.. on the new commserve PROD.


Did I understand ?


As it is stuck, Is there a way to cancel the test failover task ?

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You can reset the config, try test failover again and test failback. See documentation link -  -


We will need logs to find out why it failed. Can you escalate through support ?

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Hi @Leo E 

Thanks, I have reset the config with the procedure and now all is OK. I test failover and failback with no issues.

as is it only a lab, no need to escalate anything ! 

I am Datacenter engineer, I have deployed lot of Veeam Products before. I have deployed 2 commvault projects but 4 years ago and now I want to test Commvault. It is a very good product with a lot of functionnalities mostly with heterogeneous environments with lot of physical servers, databases and so on.

Thanks again. I will continue my tests !

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We’re happy to have you here @Bloopa !