O365 mail backup distribution

  • 19 September 2023
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we have configured O365 mailbackups to one of our virtual machine disks which would be almost full in few weeks from now.
We don’t want to shorten retention period (it’s 1 year and its our policy to keep it this long) so we would like to ask if its possible to somehow distribute/divide backups to separate disks? 
Or easiest way would be to attach new disk and reconfigure backup location (backup destination in plan settings)?

2 replies


The best would be add mount paths to the existing disk library.

 how to -Storage - Disk - < select the Disk library > -Backup locations - Add[Educational%20Videos]

You may also disable the backup location for further backups - this will put the existing mount path in read-only mode and continue running backups on the new Mount path.

Please note: All the Mount path should be online for restore/Recall services

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@JustasZ Here are the docs for commcell console method to just add a mount path


However important note to keep here is tO365 mailbox data retention is not storage policy but message level.