OneDrive backup without OneDrive App

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Hi All,

Is it possible to add OneDrive to the backup content so that OneDrive folders can be backed up from each laptop without adding OneDrive App in Command Center?

Adding a location doesn't work.


Only such Cloud Apps are available


Thank you in advance for your help


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To back up OneDrive content using Commvault, you need to configure the OneDrive for Business app within the Command Center. It is not possible to back up OneDrive folders directly from each laptop without adding and configuring the OneDrive App in the Command Center. The backup process for OneDrive is designed to work with the cloud data rather than local sync folders on individual laptops.

To set up OneDrive for Business backups, you should follow these steps:

1. Add the OneDrive for Business app in the Command Center.
2. Configure the backup content by adding individual users or all users to the OneDrive for Business Backup Content. This can be done manually or via AD groups.
3. Ensure that the content you wish to back up is available on the OneDrive cloud, as only the data available there can be backed up.

If you are encountering issues where adding a location doesn't work, it's important to verify that you are following the correct procedure for adding users to the backup content. The documentation provides detailed steps on how to add individual users or all users to your OneDrive for Business backup content.

Please refer to the following documentation for detailed instructions:

- [Adding individual users to OneDrive for Business Backup Content](
- [Adding all users to OneDrive for Business Backup Content](

If you need further assistance or have specific issues with the configuration, please provide additional details so I can assist you more effectively.

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Thanks Daniel. I understand. I'm just wondering why it shows up in the Exclude section, as if it could be added (even though it can't be done). If this cannot be done from Command Center, can I create a subclient to backup OneDrive folders using Comcell Console? Will something like this work? Thank you for your involvement in this case.