Oracle "Archive Log" backups are taking Fulls every time a backup runs.

  • 3 October 2022
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Background: We set up “new” Oracle backups after we upgraded from v11 SP16 to SP24. These "ArchiveLog" subclient ( that is auto created upon adding a new Oracle Instance to a client) backups are taking “Fulls” every time they run. Our older Oracle "ArchiveLog" backups we configured in SP16 are taking incrementals.

Question: Are “Fulls” for "Archive Log" backups the new normal/default configuration nowadays (SP224+)… or have I misconfigured something and “Incrementals” is the expected behavior for this subclient. The “default” subclient ( also created upon setting up a new oracle instance) is performing Full backups


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Hi @tigger2 


Archive log backups are always marked as full.

Oracle database backup can be done as full or incremental 


Thats a normal behavior 


Hope this helps.



Gowri Shankar