Oracle Archive logs backup

  • 23 August 2021
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Hi All,

We want to run oracle archive logs backup every 1 hour irrespective of any threshold requirements. What is the best possible way to schedule it? 

Thanks in advance for your help.


Best answer by Sunil 24 August 2021, 05:23

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2 replies

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HI @Shahzeb 

You can set the max interval (Force a backup every x hours y minutes) in the automatic schedules. This will have the combined ability of checking the thresholds and launching a job before the specified x hours is reached, and forces a backup if x hours reached without a backup.

If you don’t want to even check the log thresholds and launch a log backup no matter what, you can created a timed schedule (Daily schedule with repeat every 1 hour) on the ArchiveLog subclient which launches a log backup at a fixed interval of an hour.

You can also consider creating a Continuous schedule with a 60 minute interval. This considers the previous backup (whether scheduled or on-demand manual) and ensures there is a backup launched as soon as the 60 minute interval elapses.


Please let me know if you need any further clarification.





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Thanks Sunil for your answer. We actually created a schedule with backup activity and force every backup option as 15 mins, however 2 jobs were fired every 15 mins and the latest job will run with former one going to pending state. The job will not resume until manually done.


With continuous schedule, DB backup was also running every x hours :-D I believe we need to create separate schedule for Archive subclients and map them individually.