oracle online redolog file backup.

  • 22 April 2022
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Hello~ ^^

I have a question.

When doing Oracle DB online backup, is the online redo log file backed up? 

 (including RAC)


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@jaekwon byun , thanks for the post!

Are you referring to Selective Online Fulls?  This backup type collects the data, logs and control file.

You can perform a selective online full backup on the following databases:

  • Oracle

  • Oracle RAC

  • SAP Oracle

A selective online full backup is a full backup that you perform when the database is online. A selective online full subclient includes the data, logs and control file. The backup is copied to a selective copy during the auxiliary copy operation, and you can restore it from the copy.  The advantage of a selective online full backup is that the data and logs use the same storage policy, which means that they reside on the same media and are self-contained for long-term archiving. You can use this backup in a disaster recovery, because you do not need to locate different offsite media from multiple jobs to recover the database.