Oracle RAC DB restore (with wallet) from RMAN

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Dear Commvault,

We have a requirement for Oracle DB backup with wallet.

I checked from documentation that Commvault can automatically backup the wallet during the database backup.
So, I assume that restore process, for database and wallet, will be also automatically from Commvault wizard.

But, what about in case of RMAN restore from a DBA?
How will be able to restore the database without having the wallet?

Please for your feedback,

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Hello @Nikos.Kyrm 

Thanks for the great question, the following is the documentation we have on the wallet:

I had a chat to our internal team around how this would work in the context of an RMAN restore and they advised you would have to manually copy the wallet to the destination instance and open it after restoring the control file. 

Kind regards
Albert Williams

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Hello @Albert Williams  and thanks for your reply.

So, you suggest to manual copy the wallet, maybe with a Pre-backup process script, before the database backup, right? 

Thanks again!