out of place oracle restore failed ORA-27199

  • 1 February 2023
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Hello dears, 


im facing an issue while performing out of place restore for oracle database, 

the restore start to transfer 3 or more files then go in pending status with the below error

       Error Code: [18:182]
Description: Failed with     SBT library error [ORA-27199: skgfpst: sbtpcstatus returned     errorORA-19511: non RMAN, but media manager or vendor specific failure,     error text: ]
Source: R12_DB, Process: ClOraAgent


Mediaagent job manager log

26501 59f7 02/01 10:28:38 #### SdtTailServerPool::StopPipe: Going to stop client with SDT pipe [SDTPipe_R12_DBCRP_COLD_jd-mediaagent_5255_1675236023_20203_1_11b7691e0]. Type [0]
26501 59f7 02/01 10:28:38 #### SdtTailServerPool::StopPipe: Cannot find SDT pipe [SDTPipe_R12_DBCRP_COLD_jd-mediaagent_5255_1675236023_20203_1_11b7691e0]. JobId [5255]. Calling JM unregister here on its behalf
26501 59f7 02/01 10:28:38 #### deinitializeSDTpipeline CALLED for pipelineID [SDTPipe_R12_DBCRP_COLD_jd-mediaagent_5255_1675236023_20203_1_11b7691e0] 5255





Best answer by Muhammad Abdullah 24 May 2023, 13:35

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Hi @Muhammad Abdullah 


It looks like a failure due to network error 


Could you check ClOraAgent.log and ORASBT.log on the destination machine 


Are they any native backups executed on the source database

connect to RMAN and provide the following output


list backuppiece ‘bk_dPRODCDB_ugg1bdpvp_s7696_p67_t1119283193’

list backuppiece ‘4882_PRODCDB_ic1j0g15_13900_1_1’




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Hello @Gowri Shankar 

  • no native backups are running on the source db
  • im not an oracle admin can you enlighten me how to check the mentioned pieces?

list backuppiece ‘bk_dPRODCDB_ugg1bdpvp_s7696_p67_t1119283193’

list backuppiece ‘4882_PRODCDB_ic1j0g15_13900_1_1’


i have checked the CIOra and ORASBT and i found the below [logs are attached as well]


28761 a   02/01 14:17:52 5266 CCvNetworkServer::ReadThread() - Could not peek for data format. Error:'0xFFFFFFFF:{CCvNetwork::PeekDataFormat(6530)} + {CCvNetwork::ReceiveXDRMessageInternal(5514)} + {CCvNetwork::CheckIfDataAvailable(5824)/R12_DBCRP_COLD/ (28810:1)} + {CCvNetwork::CheckDataWaiting(6498)} + {CSessionConnectionSocket::CheckDataWaiting(733)/ErrNo.-1.(Unknown error)-Failed to peek data on socket. Connection has been lost}', timedOut:No, handle:1

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issue resolved after raising a ticket to the support and it was escalated to dev team.