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  • 26 August 2021
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Hello all

I have a bit of a strange question.
I have a customer who has a very long user account name in the Database.
When configuring the instance, you are limited to 32 characters in the username field using the Java GUI.
The Command Centre will allow you the additional characters, but doesn’t seem to allow the connection to take place.
We are not able to configure a different account name in the DB at this time so have to try use this long username.
Is there a way I can circumvent this limitation?

I’m running V11 SP23.

Thanks again.


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4 replies

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Hi @Mauro 

This is handled in v11 SP23.25 to allow longer user names in Java GUI. Please update to that hotfix pack level and try.





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Hello Mauro,


There is already a CMR (Customer Modification Request) to address the 32 char limit issue. - Reference: 314277.
I believe this fix will be included in an upcoming Maintenance Release (MR25, as Sunil mentioned).


Best Regards,


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Hi @MichaelCapon 

It’s already addressed in SP23 hotfix pack 25.


We have also patched all the service packs starting SP21. This fix should be available in the hotfix packs that are going to release soon.





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Hi all

Thanks so much for your prompt responses. We have SP25 installation scheduled as soon as it’s released, so will wait for that as it’s got some other fixes the same customer is waiting for.

Thank you again.