Removing old storage primary copy and related ddb databses

  • 25 April 2023
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hello All,


we were using disk library and 2 physical server as our MA , recently we procured hyperscale x 3 nodes and created a cluster , and storage policy and we created aux copy in all the storage policy and copied all the data , then we switch it to as the primary copy ,


we decommissioned our old media agent , now we are getting old ddb related alerts and job failure 

i have disassociated old MA from system schedule policy  


please help me how to get clean of old disb library ,MA , dedup engine and databases , can someone help me necessary steps to take 

Alert: Commserv Anomaly Alert Type: Operation - Admin Alert   

The system detected an unusual drop in the pruning performance for the following databases in commcell

2 replies

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Is the DDB to the library that you want to remove still holding jobs?  You will not be able to delete a DDB that has active jobs in it.  You will have to manually delete those jobs or have them age before the DDB can be removed.

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@Orazan  can you help me with the stpes for perform the same 

like check for the jobs , delete ,aging the job


we copied all the jobs from sp to new hyperscal x sp , i belive we dont require the old ddb