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  • 28 April 2021
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Hello guys,

is there a method, that allows me to rename the CommServe’s client name ?
in previous Version (<SP16), I was able to do this during a DR Recovery. But this option seems to be removed from CSRecoveryAssistent.

I now can modify the displayName instead, but most of the reports, as well as the MetricsServer, are still pointing to the clientName, which can be slightly confusing.

I moved the CommServe to a different Domain, and the ClientName was matching the HostName, which is the FQDN of the CommServe.

I’m using currently using FR22 for this environment.

any hints wellcome


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9 replies

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Hi @johanningk,

Have you tried using the Name Management wizard in Control Panel? - You can update the CS Names from here.

Best Regards,


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Hi Michael,
that’s not what I’m looking for.

The CSName is the CS’s HostName, that all clients are addressing.

This should, but must not match the clientName of the CS, and is a different value/entry in the registry.

I’m trying to modify the “name” of the client with clientId = 2 (on most installations).
clientName change on regular clients, can be achieved by additing name property fields on the client ressource. This is not possible on the CommServe’s client ressource.


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Hi @johanningk 


In a recent feature release this was moved from the commserve client properties to name management. These are the entities that can be changed from the name management tool.


You cannot change the commserve client name and this action has never been supported. What you can change is the commserve hostname, or update the clients to point to the correct commserve after a CCM or DR scenario.
Note: Changing the client name of the CommServe client is not supported.

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Hi Sean,

that’s to bad.
I used the DR Restore procedure multiple times in the past and was able to update the CommServe’s clientName during this step.

this option has been removed from CSRecoverAssistent quite some ServicePacks ago, but it has been there !

the current CommCell I’m interrested in changing, has already been renamed in early 2019 when migrating the CommServe from one customer domain to a new one.

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Hi @johanningk 


  • Back in v10 the legacy tool ‘DR Recovery’  allowed changing the client name of the commserve and in the early service packs of v11 there was a script that allowed this. 
  • Moving forward, early on in v11 this was no longer allowed because there was various issues that were encountered with changing the commserve client name. Commvault set the standard that the client name is now fixed at the time of installation and cannot be changed.
  • As a solution they have provided the option of a display name which can be freely changed as desired which will effect all reports 

I’m not sure if I understood this section:

This should, but must not match the clientName of the CS, and is a different value/entry in the registry.


  • The commserve hostname can be the same as the client name this is not an issue.
  • If the concern is the client name references the old domain you can update the hostname for communication and change the display name so all reports and locations show the display name
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Hi Sean,

I just checked the last “rename” I did,
And the destination CommServe has been installed with:

Media Version:[], ServicePack:[16], TransactionId:[2046897]

The DR Restore / CommServe Move has been issued in November 2019 (even later as I thought).
Therefore this option must habe been removed with one of the last 6 ServicePacks/FeatureReleases :confused:

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It can be done but it comes with some risk.  Sticking with the display name change is always going to be the best way.

The docs on this are confusing.   The way this is worded seems to suggest that you can change the “Client name” of a “Commserve”.

Changing a Client Name

When you change the client name, you must also notify the components in the CommCell environment about the change. You might need to change the names of the CommServe, MediaAgent and client computers in one or more of the following scenarios:

  • When the CommServe is moved or the hardware is changed to provide a better configuration.

  • When a CommCell is migrated and the clients are moved to another CommServe.

  • When the domain name associated with the CommCell is changed.

  • When a client is moved or hardware changed to provide a better configuration.

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I know people already answered this thread, but please do not change a Commserve Client Name until development has provided a built-in method.
I am manually trying to get to a workable solution in my LAB environment:

But this proves to have many dependencies and can break functionality in your environment if done incorrectly.

My communication with development from yesterday (22-08) and earlier communication with PS Consultants confirmed that there still is no supported method.

For names in reports/alerts and so on your better of reprogramming it to reflect the Commserve's display name.