Rename Hyperscale 1.5 nodes to new name

  • 13 September 2021
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I have a site for my customer closed out and we moved the hyperscale 1.5 ( HS1300) to another site but the site naming standard has to be follow , is there any procedure to be followed to rename the hyperscale nodes. Without reimage the entire machine do we have any work flow or any procedure to get the needfull done?


old site naming :xxx.hyperscale

new site naming : yyy.hyperscale





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5 replies

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I have 2 links (one for you, one for completeness on the thread :nerd: ):

Name Change:

IP Address change:

Let me know if that does it!

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Hey @Srikanth K - Not exactly sure which name you are referring to - and hopefully Mikes suggestions help. But if I had to guess and say you are trying to change the local Linux hostname, I believe you’d have to reimage the nodes.


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Hi @Srikanth K 
You should be able to get through with these steps

  1. Change the hostname on the HS using hostnamectl
  2. Change the hostname in Commcell console.
  3. Ensure that the MA shows in Ready state post changes
  4. Put the MA in maintenance mode and stop Commvault services
  5. Stop the glusterd service.
  6. Edit the hostname in /etc/hosts with new name
  7. Go to /ws/ddb/glusterd/peers and take a backup of the peer files present there
  8. Edit the peer files to reflect the correct SDS hostname matching in hosts file.
  9. Start the CV services. This should essentially push the peer files from /ws/ddb/glusterd/peers to /var/lib/glusterd/peers
  10. Ensure that the peer file content matches in both places
  11. Start the glusterd service and CV services.
  12. Run “gluster peer status”. Ensure that the hostname is updated and both nodes shows connected.
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Thanks Guys , I hope this will help me to get the hostname changed without breaking anything.


Just curious, How would be theprocess for the Hyperscale X node ( here we use Hedvig right) name changes

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@Srikanth K We don’t support changing hostname of HyperScale X