Renaming CommServe Host name with LiveSync enabled?

  • 11 December 2023
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We have CV running at 11.32.30 and CommServe configured in HA with Livesync working perfectly fine. As a part of the organizational change, we have to modify the CommServe HOST NAME for both active and passive Commserve Hosts. 

Can we do this change with out any harm to the configuration? if any one has performed it or if it is documented, can you please point me to it ? I am a little worried to do this change as it can disturb the entire configuration. 

Any quick suggestions will be of great help. 



1 reply

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@raj5725 Are you using a floatiing Commserve name in your live sync configuration?

If so, this is leveraged so I wouldn’t expect a hostname change at the Commserve client level to break anything… it is however live sync which is delicate, so i’d suggest raising a support case to get an official answer.

Additionally, there is this regkey that I’d suggest you update / add the new hostnames too:

Feel free to share the case number so I can monitor or you can let me know the outcome so we can update this thread with the answer.