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I am about to replace our old tape library with some new hardware and was wanting to know the steps to follow.

I can add the new tape library to the Commcell, but when do i configure the new library with the existing storage policies? After i de-configure the old library and move the orphaned media to the new library?


Best answer by Collin Harper 13 May 2024, 18:54

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Hello @JohnC 

It shouldn’t matter if you update the policies before or after you de-configure the tape library.

Deconfiguring a Tape Library

  • If there is no assigned media, the library will be deconfigured and deleted.
  • If there is assigned media, the library will be marked deconfigured.
  • After it is marked deconfigured, right-click the library and click Delete to delete the library.
  • The assigned media will be available under Orphaned Media after the tape library is deleted.

Move Orphaned Media to Library


Thank you,

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@Collin Harper - Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.