Restore Sharepoint - Same Configuration Grayed out

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When we want to restore a site sharepoint, whe cannot selected “same configuration”.




Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 18 August 2022, 17:45

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Can you please confirm if you’re following the steps and requirements available on

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The choice “same configuration” is not available

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@HOOGP , can you share a screenshot if what you see?

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The choice is not Available 

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Ah, so it’s grayed out.

Let me look into this and get someone to reply.

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I spoke to some support folks who suggested you open a case.

Once you do, share the incident number with me so I can track it.

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@HOOGP - Has a case been opened with Customer Support for this issue?

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Noting that this case was archived with the solution below.  If you are able to confirm/discuss the issue with viewing items in the site Collection, please let us know.

Guided customer to restore SharePoint Application selecting the option restore to same configuration
Customer was able to restore the Web Application from commcell after entering correct user name and password
Restore completed without any errors but end user was not able to view the items in the site Collection