Restore SQL from production environment server to a test server

  • 4 November 2021
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We are running Hyperscale X v.11.24.16

All live data is on hitachi storage.


What is the best practice/fastest restore solution to restore a 20TB SQL database, from from a production environment to a test environment.

Both servers are VMware in seperate Vcenters.


Today we run agent based backup (full, differential and transactionlog) and every 2 weeks, we need to copy the database to the test server. 


The solution we use at the moment, is scheduled out of place agent based restore to the test server.

 Is there a better/faster way to get the database copied?


Br. Tommy


Best answer by Scott Reynolds 5 November 2021, 11:57

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4 replies

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IF you are looking to just replicate the data probably want to look at live sync feature.

This applies transaction log backups from source to the destination server however the database would have to remain in standby.

If you are looking to actively modify the data on the destination the schedule restore would work, make sure you increased the streams on the subclient for the source to get better throughput. There is no magic number but increasing the streams to 6,8, or 10 would be ideal.

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Hi Scott

Thanks for the answer. I think that they are changing the data in the test environment, but I will check up on that.

I actually have been looking for the restore streams, to increase it, but I can only find the backup streams. Can you guide me to where I can change the restore setting?

Br Tommy

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The streams cannot be changed on the restore. It will and must use the same number of streams that were used for the backup job that is being restored.

On the source client expand SQL Agent → Instance → right click properties on subclient.

Storage policy → data storage policy is number of streams at bottom. You can change the streams for log backups as well, but that probably would not have an impact and best to leave default 2. Those are usually very small jobs and changing this would have almost no impact.


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Great answer… thanks for your help Scott


Br. Tommy