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  • 3 February 2023
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We have been in a seemingly never-ending tail chase with regards to needed Field Permissions for Salesforce Account. CommCell is on 11.28.32 but it’s been like this since day one (a year ago).

Before anyone suggests - yes, the list of required permissions has been confirmed to be correct for the profile. User Permissions are not the issue. We have downloaded the Salesforce-compatible profile over and over, they feed it into the org, however they do it, the field permissions are fine for a while, and then sooner or later there’s a new list of fields the profile apparently can’t read.

This seems like inheritance or something isn’t working for newly created fields, but I’m no Sf guy.

Anyone know if there’s a way we can schedule a regular dump of those “lacking” field permissions to xml so I can send this to the app team automatically via workflow? Or, do you feel this should not be necessary once the profile is correctly configured?

Then, similarly, Is dealing with field permissions handled differently in Metallic?

We have opted to keep using CVLT simply to have a single interface for everything.


2 replies

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Hi @downhill,


Yes, you are correct, once all the necessary permissions are configured correctly, this would go away. Also there is no difference between the way how Metallic handles user permissions. Both Commvault & Metallic follow the same flow for user permissions.


We usually recommend to use System administrator or it’s equivalent profile for configuring Salesforce users.  You can find the detailed information on the required user permissions in the below doc link. 


Note: Sometimes even though the System administrator profile is configured, their could be some fields which might be hidden from the user. This usually happens because of the flexibility that Salesforce offers to configure fields on Salesforce organization.


I would recommend to involve Salesforce admin so that they are aware of all the required permissions and help configure the required permissions. 




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The Salesforce admins are involved - as I suggested “the app team” is that group - they have been shown the documents you pointed to more than once as well as the xml with the needed permissions. It’s nothing I can do myself.

I am sure it has an admin-equiv. profile. I suspect they didn’t really allow query all files. The last time we downloaded the field permission xml, they pushed that but still have ~38 items on the list which I’m not sure are worth worrying about or not (until someone needs one of them restored I guess).