Separating IIS for multiple CommCells, requirements

  • 21 October 2022
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Planning/doing a HW and OS refresh for all CS’s. Best practice for security is to separate IIS from the CommServe if reading latest recommendations correctly. Does the Webserver require an instance of it installed for every CommCell it talks to?

I read this thread on the topic but it doesn’t seem to speak to multi-instances.

Also, referring to this webserver requirements page, I thought the concept of security was to separate the DB from IIS. That page infers that the DB must be installed on the Webserver???

Can you guys clarify A) whether splitting IIS off requires MSSQL locally and B) multi-CommCell’s require separate webserver instances or VMs?




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Hi downhill


  1. Webserver installation automatic install DB but in your case are not used if you use only for WebConsole & Command center, but It will be use, for example, with metrics server.
  2. depends on whether you already have a unique commcell configured or you will have to make one for each commcell