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  • 23 September 2021
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@Ron Potts 

Looking through some documentation for Commvault, i have found what seems to be conflicting information, and would just like to have it clarified if site collection backups are supported or not.

This documentation, under “Note” says “You cannot back up site collections.”

Configuration Decision for SharePoint Server Agent (


While this documentation says “Site Collection Backups Set: Full Backups” with a checkbox as supported.

Supported Features - Microsoft SharePoint Server Agent (


So if site collection backups are supported, can someone point me to the documentation on how to configure this correctly ? 

I’ve tried several variants, but none of them have worked, or atleast not done what i expected them to.


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Hi Bjorn,

As highlighted in link below, site collection backup was removed from product in SP11 onwards.

Also Offline Mining can be used for granular restore instead of running document backup.


SharePoint Server Agent

Creation of New Document Backup Set and Site Collection Backup Set Not Supported

You cannot create document backup set and site collection backup set from the SharePoint agent. Instead, you can use offline mining to browse and restore granular data.

Offline Mining for SharePoint Server Agent