SimCallWrapper Optype modes?

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi Team,

can please someone explain the different options for the Optype parameter from the SimCallWrapper.exe?

1000 - this is “register client”, as documented.
1001 - is this an uninstall?
1002 - remove existing configuration?
1003 - ?




Best answer by Brian Bruno 3 February 2023, 23:23

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Hi @Johannes Keil,


1000 - Register client (as you mentioned).


1001 - Auto Register (primarily used in re-registrations - uses Commserve Hostname information from the local registry, so not required as an input like when using optype 1000).


1002 - Get Client Configuration XML - This is used if you need to regenerate the PreImageModeFile.XML that is maintained in the Base directory.  There is very little reason for an end user to use this optype.


1003 - Third Party Update - I honestly can’t provide much information on this one.  Although I can see the definition of the optype, I’m not aware of any practical use case for it.  I assume it may be used internally in the software somewhere, however as far as I can tell I don’t see anywhere that it’s been suggested by support or engineering for interactive use.


100 - Encrypt Password - This switch would be used to either encrypt a password or modify the encryption type of a password (for example to translate a v8 encryption string into a v3 encryption string).


101 - Decrypt password - This switch would be used to translate an encrypted password value from v3 / v8 encryption into a clear text string.


Hopefully this helps.


-Brian Bruno