• 18 May 2021
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My question is about Parameter sORARUNBKPONDBROLE.
The documentation is not clear to me.

I do not understand how commvault decides whether a backup is a log backup
if I want to use the parameter sORARUNBKPONDBROLE to run my log backups, e.g. at standby site.


Is the final rman script parsed for archivelog or 

Is the name of the subclient parsed for archivelog or ...


Best answer by Tom Sheppard 18 May 2021, 15:16

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2 replies

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Hi Ralf,

If you’re initiating jobs from the GUI, then Commvault can determine the job type from the job options. Alternatively, if you’re running jobs from the command line, then Commvault will determine the job type from the parameters passed in the RMAN script.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much