SQL Server getting error VDI timeout attempts expired for SQL Database

  • 25 May 2022
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Hello all, 

I am facing the issue in SQL server backup:

  • VDI timeout attempts expired for SQL Database 

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3 replies

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Nice issue @Abhi.M, now seriously what do you expect from the community? Should we shoot with hail? The amount of information you are sharing is so limited. Before we can even think of offering help you will definitely have to deliver more information and context about the environment, the problem etc.

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I think some people did not get the difference between Commvault support (or their partners that provide support) and this Community. (Though even while contacting Support a bit of information is required)

I’d add to @Onno van den Berg ‘s a special mention about what has already been troubleshooted on your side, because, yes, we do have more and more topics here (and even in our real lives) we’re escalated/reported but without background information AND no troubleshooting. 😐

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@Abhi.M , as mentioned, we could use some context:

when did this start happening?  anything change on the SQL end?

When did this last work?

What troubleshooting have you already done?

One thing to try is to increase the timneou.

To increase the VDI timeout, follow these steps

1.  In the CommCell Browser GUI, right-click on the SQL iDataAgent (iDA) Subclient Instance and select properties.  The General tab is where to modify the VDI timeout
2. Change the VDI Timeout value to 900 and select OK.
3. Start a new Backup or Restore.
4. Increase VDI Timeout value again if error reoccurs.

After the change is made, the following message will be displayed in the Event Viewer confirming the change was made.

Event Code 83:501: VDI timeout was changed from [original seconds] to [new seconds value]