Suggestion to configure the backup for legacy Physical servers

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Hi All,


We have some legacy Physical servers which not supported by Commvault. Its mix of Windows/Linux/DB.

Can any one suggest the best workaround to backup those machines using CV?






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Need more info. What are the operating systems?

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Hi @Aplynx ,


There are 20+ servers available with different OS and I have listed couple of things.


gpl x86_64 Linux (2.6.32-431)

gpl x86_64 Linux (2.4.21-32.0.1)

gpl i686 Linux (2.6.8-24)

Sun sparc solaris (5.9)

Microsoft i386 wNT-5.2-S

Microsoft i386 wNT-6.0-S

hp ia64 hp-ux-11.31

ibm rs6000 aix-5.3



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@Manikandn , can you convert these to vms and use the VSA to back them up?

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Create an NFS or SMB mount path and write backups in native forms to that eg. Rear for Linux, DB backup to disk, or Windows backup


Backup mount point using file system agent