Veeam to commvault migration.

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Hi Folks, How can migrate from veeam to commvault? Any docs available? 


Best answer by Premchand 30 May 2023, 22:51

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Hi @bharathiraja 

Assuming you having checked the documentation yourself, but there is/was an option called EDC that offered a migration possibility see:

But the latest Veeam version supported is 9.5 and that version is not supported by VEEAM for almost 1,5 years. So, I would not even consider using it. In case it does support newer version than I expect someone from Commvault will respond.

I'm however curious to understand why you want to consider such a migration scenario. Why not implement Commvault besides VEEAM and find yourself a good cut-over moment to stop the backups on VEEAM side and continue with Commvault. 

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Hi @bharathiraja :  We do not support VEEAM as of today.

Below is the list of supported third-party vendors

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@Premchand looking at all other supported products and their versions under EDC, I assume it can be removed entirely from the feature list, right? 

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@Onno van den Berg  & @Premchand , Thank you folks for the swift response.

@Premchand , In this case if customer wants to move/migrate from Veeam to Commvault, what are the options we got here?. Any other manual procedure to achieve the task.

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Hi @ Bharathiraja: Hope you are talking about Veeam data migration (which has been backed up already in Veeam) into Commvault.

We are using “ThirdPartyMigration” App to migrate other third-party data (i.e veritas NBU, EMC Avamar, EMC Networker... backed up data) into Commvault migration Object store.  We are using third party product commands in our migration workflow to collect third party clients, policies, backup jobs and we restore the third-party data using third party command lines into the staging client.  Once the third-party data is restored to the staging client, Commvault will back them up into the migration object store.  All the above-mentioned steps are automated through our migration workflows/ third party app.  Customer can just select the third-party backup jobs and start migration from our third-party migration report. Once the data is backed up/migrated successfully into Commvault, customer can start restoring their third-party legacy data from CommVault.  From this point, no dependency on third-party setup hence third-party backup setup can be decommissioned.

Note: We support only flat files (File system data) migration as of now.  We do NOT support application data migration (i.e Oracle/SQL/Exchange etc..) also no NDMP, VM data migration as of now.

Coming to your third-party product Veeam, since we do not have support for Veeam data migration, it might be possible to use the manual process here if Veeam’s file system data (flat files) can be restored to the staging client/landing zone (Windows/Linux) manually by the customer.  Once the manual restore is completed to the staging client, using one of our CommVault workflows, we can back them up into CommVault migration object store.

May I know who is the customer here?