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  • 27 July 2021
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i did a full backup of all my databases, as i see from Commvault:

How long it took each database to do?


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Hello Fernando,


Was this a SQL Server backup?


If you view the Job History → Right-click on the job → Job Details → Status tab, this should allow you to see the start and end time of each database.

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Hey @Fernando Souza !  Are you referring to SQL database backups (or Oracle)?  Run a Job Summary report for these clients/client group and include full details.  you should see each phase that started and ended and get your answer there.

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Hello @Mike Struening 
yeah, SQL databases. i made a full RESTORE (Not Backup)that have enough SQL databases, but i need to know how long was made each database, understand? ± 12 hours of restore.


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Hello @Chuck Graves 

sorry, but it´s a restore, and i restored a full backup, and have enough databases, and i need to view one each time database, how can view these?


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I made a full restore, ± 12 hours of restore.

several databases and need to view the time of each database, because the database team is requesting.

what is the best option to view this? (Tha full backup job)


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Hello @Fernando Souza


I checked → Reports but I have not been able to find any reports that can drill down to the duration of each DB. Job Details for the restore seems to only show details on a less-granular level. 


You can always request a custom report from your Account Manager who can get you in touch with our personalization team. If possible, they may be able to create a custom report that can pull the details needed for the Restore Job. 


Unfortunately, from what I can tell, only the SQL backup jobs can show the backup duration of each DB.

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Hello @Chuck Graves and @Mike Struening 

The database team needs to know how log it took each database, example: DB1, DB2, DB3; and where i check it inside Commvault, i can´t find it?

Need the time of each database in full restore.

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hello @Fernando Souza 

This would be a bit tricky to read and decypher, but if you look at the SQLiDA.log file(s) from the SQL server where you restored the data to, you should be able to see this, between all other technical events.. You would have to look for start and end time and calculate the duration from each..

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Hello @Laurent 

Nice, i see the dbname in the SQLiDA.log.