Viewing restored items is blank

  • 23 April 2021
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Hello CC


I have an issue in our CommCell where when I look at the restore job history for a database client and if i right click on the restore job and choose “View restore Items\All or Successful, Failed, Conflict or skipped.  it brings up the window “Restored Files” as if its going to show the Items then it says No results found” OK.  This is a recent thing and its a pain as it means if certain databases failed or skipped or all passed  then we cant go and see which ones were passes or fails.  the whole window is blank.


Any help, guidance or if anyone else is getting this would be most helpful.





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2 replies

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@TonyQ , how old is the job you are browsing?  The job history retention is generally around 90 days, but configurable:

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Hey @TonyQ , were you able to check the age of the job compared to your job history rules?