waiting services on the client to come online

  • 23 November 2022
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but [dmz_ap1] commvault services online.

so i restart services. then it’s status normal

I must restart every morning. What's the cause?



Best answer by Damian Andre 23 November 2022, 06:52

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5 replies

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Worth trying to re-install the cv client

If this does not work, check if any other application using the CV port (8400) temporarily? Some SAP third party application for logging and monitoring are known to use this port and hence cause issues intermittently.

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Looks like this has been answer, but the most likely issue is an incorrect network configuration. Commvault has a two-way network topology that connects when needed and disconnects when idle. If one side of the network connection is not configured properly or blocked, it wont be able to re-establish the connection. When you restart services, the client itself reaches out - establishes the connection until it times out due to inactivity.

So I’d say your connectivity from the CommServe towards the client is blocked or configured incorrectly.

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Very insightful answer.

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Not sure if @chris_ahn marked the wrong reply as the answer?  I moved it to @Damian Andre ‘s reply, though feel free to tell me I’m wrong!