Webconsole load takes time for 1st time access/login

  • 6 March 2024
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Hello Commvault Community,

I have a maybe performance issue. We have an archive solution for Exchange, we also enable quick-look for already cleaned up emails, but when we want to access the quick-look and redirect it to Webconsole page, it takes more than 30s even a minute to open.

After that, the next successive accesses will work fine without any issues.

Is this expected behavior? Do we have any workaround or configurations in tomcat such that this delay can be mitigated? Please suggest.


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Hi @Matin,


This is actually expected behavior.  Leveraging Quick-look is similar to performing a stub recall.  The first time you initiate the request, a pipeline is opened up and a Persistent Recovery job is created in the backend.  This pipe facilitates performing your Quick-look operations, and that pipe stays open until it’s been idle for a significant period of time (24 hours by default).


This is why all of your subsequent attempts are near instantaneous, as that pipeline is kept open so any additional requests can be made without having to start a brand-new pipe.  However, it can take a little bit of time for that initial pipe to be created - hence the delay when it’s first initiated.


-Brian Bruno