Windows File Server Archiving using the Command Center

  • 17 May 2023
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Good day Community,


I did Windows file server archiving in the past using the CommCell Console. But now, using the Command Center, get’s me so confused.

I’m not talking NAS, but simple Windows Servers. Which packages should be installed, and where? Do I install packages on the Windows server itself? Do I just use a MediaAgent as an Access Node? In this case which packages on the MediaAgent? And to make sure that stub recalls work for people having a mapped drive on the Windows server?

I try to understand BOL (Essential) and can’t figure it out, and been spending hours in labs not able to make it work. :-(

If someone could go over the high-level steps would be AWESOME!

And just in case, is DFS still not supported for archiving?

Thanks in advance.


Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 17 May 2023, 09:33

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3 replies

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Hi @Carl Brault ,

You should be able to find everything in our Documentation :

Regarding DFS, there is another Post you can check:

Best Regards,


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Thank you very much @Sebastien Merluzzi ,

I was using a search to find information and was not getting that page. I was getting another about NAS. So I guess it was a bad search I was doing. :-)

But you are correct. All I need is there!

Thank you so much!!! You made my day!

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@Sebastien Merluzzi , you were right!

It works flawlessly!

Thanks so much.