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We have worm enabled copies. The retention is 10 days and 1 cycle.

Now we have a server that is decomissioned and backups have expiered after 20 days, so we are cleaning up the stg copies. But coming to the worm copy we can’t get rid of it due to that we can’t manually delete a job from it. As it is now it seems the backup jobs will be in there forever.

I know we can do the process for unlocking the worm setting via support.

Is there a best practicies regarding worm enabled copies in the respect of cycles?

Am I right to assumethat, If we would set the cycles to 0 the job would prune off correctly?




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Hello @Henke 

With this configuration you should still have jobs aging and data pruning as long as you continue to run backups. If you’ve only run 1 cycle of backups then they won’t prune, though I doubt this is the case.

Can you confirm if the WORM settings are setup correctly? Is the DDB being sealed? How long is the Object Lock set to on the Vendor side?

Configuring WORM Storage Lock -

Each copy associated to the Storage Pool should have the same retention settings, the DDB should be set to automatically seal at a frequency equaling the retention (every 10 days), and micro-pruning should be disabled.


Thank you,


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Hello @Collin Harper

Yes worm settings are correct. No issues with active clients.

For the server in question there are several cycles run, but the server is not active any longer hence there won’t be any more backup run. The current backup isn’t needed ether and can be deleted.

Since no more backup is run the last backup won’t meet the 1 cycle limit hence won’t age I think.

In the past we used the 1 cycle as a safety net to keep at least 1 backup job regardless of the # of days set in retention. But with worm we can’t do the cleanup we periodically do.

The only way I see to get the aging work correctly is to set the cycles to 0 and just relay on days.




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Would you be able to set something like the “Days to keep jobs of de-configured clients” setting under Control Panel > Media Management> Data Aging?



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As mentioned earlier there is option to ignore cycle retention on de-configured clients and the jobs of de-configured clients will then only honor days retention. You can configure with one cycle retention and enable the option to ignore the cycle retention for de-configured clients.

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Thanks @Javier, I’ll look into that setting.