Commvault port requirements for site to site DR and Livesync

  • 25 February 2023
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I have a customer that is looking for clarity on a port requirement question(s)



  1. 2 sites primary and secondary site A Primary site B DR
  2. Data backups from site A to B (Aux\Dash copy synchronous) 
  3. Commserve LiveSync  enabled
  4. Requirement if site A goes down that site B will need to recover all the VSA VM backups from site B copies of site A bkups.
  5. The question is what ports need to be opened to accomplish this since there will be a firewall between the two sites. Will all traffic need to be bidirectional or can some of the port connections be established solely with one way connection? 

I did point them to the commvault documentation:

but there was some confusion on their part and want to validate required ports for:


AUX copy data traffic from site A to B

Media Agent data from site A to site B

Communication ports from Commserve to secondary site.



1 reply

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To Add. From my understanding for liveysnc and DR considerations should only be concerned with 8408. All other operations will be hosted on the replication site from the CS to the media agents. So 8400-8410 for example but those ports would not be required to be opened on the firewall only 8408 to establish the connectivity from Commserve A to Commserve B.