O365 Migration on different console(child)

  • 2 April 2024
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Looking for some guidance and documentation on can we migrate our current O365 exchange email/sharePoint and One driver backup to anew child console with different storage locations?

Will we face any issues with O365 license ? how this O365 License will be counted on new console will that count twice as previous bavkup already holding a license.

Any issues with Index server and access node? 

Anything that needs to be taken care before doing this migration?

If I redeploy from scratch all Media agent and index,access node and point to new storage will that be better or migration will good option. your help will be highly appreciated.




2 replies

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@Malik you can’t migrate o365 agents between cells.. it’s not supported as per:

Regarding a license, the new cell has different licensing to the parent, so if you continued to backup using the parent and child cells, these would be treated separately (not collectively), so yes, you’d technically be ‘charged’ twice (if you were protecting the same data… however I hope you wouldn’t be because I don’t see why you’d need to?).

Are professional services involved and assisting you?



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Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the information and the link.

We are trying to separating our current environment into 3 part(child). Currently we backing up all in one console.

License manager console - manager all licensing

VM backup console - allow all the VM backup 

O365 backup console - allow O365 backup

current console - allow or keep all other backup


Yes, We will involve Commvault engineers before we proceed. I just wanted to gather some more information ahead just to gather some information.