How to propose new Commvault license to customers?

  • 11 October 2021
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Commvault new licensing model very straight forward, but when we compare with earlier version its very flexible to match customer requirement. New license good for some one using hypervisor environment and if they planning to move cloud.


But this new licensing model not suitable for onprem setup like they are using physical servers and are they have to backup separate NAS server etc….because its very costly backup solution.


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2 replies

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Hey @keerthi , thanks for the post!

I have some contacts in the Licensing department.  Let me see if I can get someone to reach out to you.

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Hi @keerthi ,

As you mention there has been significant embracing of virtualization and cloud as customers look to reduce capital expenditures and use a more buy as needed approach to their data protection strategy. Commvault has also simplified our licensing to focus on the workload type (per-user, per virtual instance, per non-virtual capacity) to make it easier to align licensing to use case.

For those workloads that remain non-virtual, we do have two types of capacity licenses available depending on if that non-virtual workload is application-based or simply files/folders like a NAS. If the latter, you could use our Unstructured Backup and Restore license which is designed as a lower-cost capacity license alternative designed specifically for unstructured workloads.

Customers also have the option of purchasing subscription-based licenses and adding on-demand during their subscription term to minimize their initial financial outlay. For OPEX-focused customers, they only need to purchase what they will be using today instead of needing to forecast years of growth and purchasing all the licenses upfront.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Commvault account team to discuss the optimal licensing options for your customer’s specific need.